Fjellheim Brewery

Fjellheim is a Norwegian microbrewery that believes in bridging the ancient with the modern and the earthy with the refined, while always staying true to the unique characteristics of the Scandinavian culture and landscape. The identity and packaging is based on the simple, unblemished honesty of Norwegian nature, while also paying tribute to the Nordic qualities of authenticity of materials, painstaking craftsmanship and calm yet emotional design.

The premise of the identity and packaging was to emphasize contrast. The circular symbol is a F-H monogram and functions as a personal quality seal. The inspiration came from traditional Old Norse jewelry, which together with the calligraphy based word mark creates a clear nod to the past. On the other hand, the off centered image and the mono-spaced descriptor type anchors it in the current and works as a differentiator on the shelf.



Identity, Packaging

Spring 2015