Roast Coffee

Roast is a combined coffee house and micro roastery, sourcing all their beans from Ethiopia—by many considered the country with the finest coffee beans in the world.

Their passion for the whole process of coffee making can be described as tribal, so the identity tries to stay away from the bright, stereotypical color palette commonly associated with eastern parts of Africa. Instead it goes in a more bold and confident direction by using copper, black and white and graphics inspired by old tribal symbols from Ethiopia.

After the full identity and all assets were created, everything was gathered in a comprehensive brand book covering everything from the ethos of the company to the brand guidelines.



Identity, Printed matter

Spring 2015

Using the origin of the beans as a starting gate for the identity, the symbol is inspired by African tribes, and is based on the Adinkra symbol for strength and perseverance. A series of patterns was also developed with the same inspiration. They are based on the Owo Foro Adobe, a symbol in the same family, which in English means to perform the impossible.

Copper was chosen as the main material and nish as it is the best material for achieving perfect stability in temperature, making it perfect for both coffee roasting and brewing. It’s also a symbol of luxury, quality and craftsmanship. The rest of the color palette comes from the process of roasting, from the tan color of the unaltered bean, through copper equipment until the perfect warm dark brown bean is ready to be enjoyed.