Tengo Hambre

Tengo Hambre is a game that celebrates the street food movement in California. It’s a property game that challenges each player to take on the role of a street food connoisseur and then travel the board to discover the different vendors before buying your favorites.

Along the way they will learn about the unique and wonderful meals and fusions featured on the game board, and when you own all the vendors within a cuisine you can advance to building food restaurant before you as a final step can expand into a restaurant.

May the biggest foodie win!



Packaging, Game design

Spring 2015


Philip Brunberg
Zeynep Endroglu

The game uses a bright and playful color palette inspired by California and Mexican fusion culture together with other graphic elements referencing the DIY food truck style with lots of personality. This includes hand drawn symbols, a tongue in cheek tone of voice and display typography inspired by sign painting and neon signage.